Announcing Blues Rising I Workshop: March 9-11th, 2006 in San Francisco, CA

Registration is now closed!


Regular Price
(After 2/23)
Door Price
Weekend pass
(dance & classes)
$98 $108
Dances only $57 $65
($70 ala carte)

Payment Questions:

Q: I want to pay by check!
A: contact the organizers to get the mailing address.

Q: I need to update my registration information!
A: No problem, just start a new registration and we'll figure it out.

Q: Is there housing available?
A: Housing is first come first serve, but SF is a generous host and is usually able to accomodate all guests.

Q: I registered earlier but haven't paid yet - how do I finish my registration?
A: If it's paypal, then just send the appropriate amount to the email address that you would get if you added this domain after "payments@"
Otherwise, contact us for other payments.