Announcing Blues Rising I Workshop: March 9-11th, 2007 in San Francisco, CA


  • To nurture excellence and celebrate the evolution of Blues Dancing in today's social dance scene.
  • To showcase promising new teachers in the Blues scene.


By holding workshops that bring out the dancers that we respect to share their energy, knowledge and love for the dancing they call Blues. We are directly tapping the social scene for this talent, these are the people who inspire you, these are the people who dance regularly, the people who travel to dance, the people you dance with.

We are not attempting to define "Blues Dancing," and this is an important distinction - we are allowing the social dance scene to define it by action.

We merely want to grow an environment where people who are dancing can share what they know.


This is all about the evolution of Blues dancing, brought to you by Blues dancers to Blues music with heaps of Blues love.